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Boot Bananas, Yellow

Product number: 15B-BOB-BANANAS-YELLOW

Practical natural shoe deodorizers.

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Boot Bananas, Yellow

Practical natural shoe deodorizers

Product description for Boot Bananas, Yellow Unisex

It's a banana! With these little miracle fruits stinky shoes will no longer be a problem.

When Alex was finally sick and tired of her boyfriend Phil's stinky climbing shoes, BOOT BANANAS were born. After having moved in their first flat together, Phil was not able to hide his smelly secret anymore and Alex was ready to tackle his shoe problem.

The idea behind BOOT BANANAS is simple but brilliant. You take a pair of stinky shoes, whether climbing, hiking, outdoor shoes or sneakers, and put the naturally bent BOOT BANANAS into both shoes. Natural contents such as bamboo charcoal, volcanic minerals and special essential oils (tea tree, lavender or lemon) will absorb moisture and eliminate unwanted odours. And that's it! Your shoes will have a pleasant fresh scent again.

You can literally see when they have to be replaced, because they ripe from time to time, just as real bananas. After a while, the BOOT BANANAS' material will slowly turn from yellow to brown and thus indicates when they have to be substituted. But don't panic, the BOOT BANANAS will ripe much slower than their fruity siblings from the tropics.

  • Selected ingredients ensure freshness and hygiene in stressed shoes
  • Absorbs moisture and eliminates bad odors
  • Thanks to its form it fits any shoe, ideal for climbing shoes, hiking boots, ski and snowbooard boots, running shoes, ...
  • Color change of the cotton outer material indicates the degree of usage and ripeness
  • Incl. Carabiner and lace
  • Package includes two pieces


  • Do not store moist BOOT BANANAS in a plastic bag, this will put the active ingredients under excess stress. Dry your Bananas out from time to time in the sun or near a radiator. After completely drying you can store your Bananas in the original packaging.
  • Do not expose your BOOT BANANAS to extreme cold, if they are left in the car overnight by accident then follow one of the drying steps above to revive them & give them a squeeze if the cold has made the sodium bicarbonate compact.


Material specifications for Boot Bananas, Yellow

  • Bamboo charcoal: Bamboo charcoal is an amazingly absorptive material due to its very porous structure which gives it a huge surface area. A highly effective odor absorber.
  • Baking Soda: Good old fashioned baking soda, or sodium bicarbonate is just another wonder ingredient of the BOOT BANANAS. This salt is used in cooking as a leavening agent, but sodium bicarbonate is also an efficient odor absorber.
  • Zeolite: Zeolite is formed as a mineral under volcanic conditions and mined on a large scale in many parts of the world. This material is also incredibly good at adsorption and has a wide range of applications from deodorizing in cat litter to purifying water, it is also used in the production of advanced materials for nuclear reprocessing.
  • Tea Tree Oil: Tea tree oil is well know for its use as a traditional herbal medicine. Tea tree oil appears to be effective against bacteria, viruses, fungal infections and mites.
  • Lavender Oil: Advocates of alternative medicine claim that lavender oil can be used as an antiseptic and topical anaesthetic. Lavender also has relaxing properties when used in aromatherapy.
  • Lemon Oil: Lemon oil is said to have antibacterial properties as well as a lovely fresh scent.

    Boot Bananas, Yellow is developed for the following Sports & Activities:

    • Mountaineering and Trekking
    • Climbing and Bouldering
    • Running
    • Nordic Walking
    • Bike Sports
    • Skiing
    • Ski Touring
    • Snowboard
    • Urban Outdoor

    Boot Bananas, Yellow can be used in the following Weather conditions:

    • Warm
    • Cold
    • Snow
    Boot Bananas, Yellow

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