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Outdoor Research

Outdoor Research

The US-company Outdoor Research from Seattle was founded out of an emergency situation. Company founder Ron Gregg experienced a key moment during an attempt to climb mount Denali in Alaska with a friend. Already on the way to the mountain their venture failed due to a defective gaiter. His friend had to be flown out with severe frostbite on his foot and Gregg decided that from now on he wanted to devote his work to developing reliable outdoor equipment – the company Outdoor Research was born. And with success: Since then Outdoor Research has been standing for absolutely reliable and high-quality equipment and clothing.

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The origins of Outdoor Research

In 1980 Ron Gregg, a physicist and passionate climber suddenly found himself in a tricky situation on his way to climb the Danali in Alaska together with a climbing partner. Due to a poorly constructed gaiter his partner suffered severe frostbite on his leg and had to be flown to a hospital by helicopter.  Gregg refused to step into the helicopter but instead walked home alone. During these two weeks he thought about a solution to the problem his friend experienced. When he arrived home he developed insulated gaiters that fit closely to the shoe and were suitable for a variety of mountain boots. The so-called "X-Gaiter" was the first product of Outdoor Research. During the following years Outdoor Research established itself as a manufacturer of reliable and practical accessories for alpine and outdoor sports. The developers at Outdoor Research found their inspiration for new products often in existing problems of outdoor athletes. To solve such problems with a reliable piece of equipment is what Outdoor Research stands for.   

Outdoor Research: Specialized on accessories

Outdoor Research brings the accessories into focus:  Gloves, gaiters, overshoes and hats. Knowing that every piece of equipment is equally important Outdoor Research develops accessories with great care and with unlimited warranty. Many products have become classics: The so-called "Seattle Sombrero" for example has become the world's best selling rain hat or the "Brooks Ranger Over Boots" for extreme sub-zero temperatures that Outdoor Research has been selling since the 1990's .

The product range of Outdoor Research

Since the early days Outdoor Research has always been a specialist in equipment accessories such as gaiters, overshoes, gloves and hats. The company offers primarily water-resistant and rainproof accessories for extreme environments, such as the Flex Tex II gaiters, which are water-repellent and breathable or the waterproof and warm High Camp 3-Finger Gloves with integrated fleece inner glove. Another area Outdoor Research has specialized in is hats. The waterproof Sunshower Sombrero for example is a hat that protects against both sun and rain.

In addition to equipment accessories and clothing accessories for some years now Outdoor Research has developed a clothing line. It consists of lightweight down jackets (e.g. the Filament jacket for women), technical soft shell jackets, (e.g. the Circuit jacket for women), waterproof breathable Gore-Tex jackets (e.g. Men’s Mentor Jacket) and many more.

Outdoor Research: environmental commitment

Outdoor Research supports numerous organizations in Washington State and across North America that work for the conservation of nature and the mountains of North America, such as the American Alpine Club, the Alpine Club of Canada and the "Leave No Trace" initiative.

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