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What makes the perfect womens outdoor clothing? Basically, pretty the same as the mens outdoor clothing: high-quality functional materials, good workmanship, durability and best wearing comfort. At eXXpozed, we have a huge selection of womens outdoor clothing. Moreover, it has to look very good, what it surely has to also for men. The time for unisex style is over. Outdoor clothing is a matter of fashion and can be really stylish. Nowadays, the manufacturers managed to combine fashion and outdoor.

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Womens outdoor clothing

It is not so far away that outdoor clothing for women had existed. Only a few years ago, the choice for womens outdoor clothing was really restricted. For women fond of outdoor, there were only unisex jackets and pants, which were too wide and to long for many women. It limited the freedom of movement and no one could really talk about the wearing comfort. The suppliers realized this deficiency a few years ago and started to design product lines especially for women. In matters of equipment, it means backpacks for narrower shoulders and with shorter back sections or shorter sleeping bags for the usually smaller women. In matters of womens outdoor clothing, it has indeed become a completely new market. The suppliers designed womens outdoor jackets, womens outdoor pants and t-shirts, even skirts, shirts and dresses, which appeal to the womens taste who had to conquer the summits of this world or the forest next door.

Womens outdoor jacket – how can I find the right one?

The basic outdoor equipment includes a functional and durable outdoor jacket. There are indeed jackets for every kind of sport, which are exactly cut for the purposes of the sport. However, lots of women look first for an all-round jacket, which can be used for several purposes. The right choice is therefore a 3-in-1 jacket. They always consist of a waterproof hard shell jacket with separate a warm inner jacket. Both jackets can be worn individually or combined. With a 3-in-1 jacket, you have actually three jackets in the wardrobe: a waterproof and warm winter jacket, a cuddly midlayer jacket and unlined hard shell jacket for rainy weather during the warmer seasons. Softshell jackets are also very popular. They are comfortable to wear, most of them are water repellent and windproof, they don’t rustle when you move and resist to a short shower. The ideal companion outdoors!

The ideal womens outdoor pants

The basic equipment for womens outdoor clothing includes a well-made, versatile outdoor pair of pants. Many womens outdoor trousers are zip off pants and can be worn as shorts, which is enough for basic pants. Of course, there are differences from the material. A pair of pants, which is more designed for cool autumn days and for winter consists of a thicker, sturdier material than a light and airy summer trousers, whose material is cooling and quick-drying. Therefore, it is worth investing in two pairs of trousers: airy summer zip off pants for the summer paired with a long pair of trousers with studier material for chilly days. In winter, you can just take a softshell pant, which can be worn in the snow without being immediately soaked. If you are out and about in snow, for winter sports for example, you may have to buy proper ski pants, lined and water-repellent.

How can I find the perfect womens outdoor t-shirts and shirts?

The basic equipment for womens outdoor clothing includes also a few good outdoor t-shirts. You can certainly climb a peak with cotton t-shirt as well. The most important is always the breathability. A soaked t-shirt that sticks to the back is not only unpleasant but also unhealthy when a cold wind just happens to blow. The perfect outdoor shirt is therefore breathable and quick drying. It can be worn under a jacket or a sweatshirt and can be in use for all activities. A womens shirt must look good too. The range of t-shirts and shirts is so huge by all outdoor suppliers that you are very likely to find the one you really like.

Womens outdoor accessories

Paired with the basic outdoor equipment, one or the other accessory makes it even more enjoyable to be the nature. The beanie, for example or the headband, preferably fleece-lined beanie for winter. A thin neck warmer, to be worn under the jacket or with a thin long sleeve shirt will keep your neck warm without having to struggle with thick layers of a scarf or swinging endings. The basic equipment includes also a good pair of gloves to enjoy being outdoors on the cold days. Well-fitting, non-slip windproof gloves, ideally with soft-shell outside and snugly fleece inside. They keep the hands warm, regardless of whether you are biking in winter, snowshoeing or hiking in autumn or in everyday life.

Buy womens outdoor clothing in the outlet

There is always cheaper high-quality womens outdoor clothing to find in our outlet. You will just find exactly the same popular outdoor brands as in our regular online shop - just a little cheaper because the season is over or only a few pieces are still available. So if you are looking for womens outdoor clothing, please have a look too in our outlet - it's worth it!

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