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"We've been on the move for over 50 years. I hope we'll never reach the end!" These were the words of Åke Nordin, founder of the Swedish company Fjallraven. Åke was a true outdoor enthusiast who wasn't happy with the commonly used backpacks of the time. As a teenager he developed a wooden frame for rucksacks in 1950. The demand for this new type of rucksack grew rapidly and he founded Fjallraven in 1960. Fjallraven nowadays is one of the best known outdoor companies worldwide and manufactures a range of exceptional outdoor clothing and equipment. The company is not concerned with latest trends but instead strives to produce high-quality products while acting responsibly and being concerned with the welfare of people, animals and nature.

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Fjallraven Outdoor - how it all began

The success story of the Swedish outdoor brand started about 50 years ago with the development of the first designated outdoor and trekking rucksack called „Lätt“. Fjallraven Latt was the first backpack in the history of outdoor equipment that had an aluminium frame. 14-year-old Åke Nordin wanted to develop a rucksack that would allow carrying even heavy loads. Time proved him right: The innovative rucksack Latt was an instant success. Nowadays, Fjallraven outdoor and trekking products comprise backpacks, tents and the popular range of Fjallraven trousers for ladies and men.

Fjallraven rucksacks are succeeded by Fjallraven tents

Fjallraven founder Åke Nordin also didn't approve of the bulky outdoor tents that were made of heavy cotton materials but without any functional properties. He wanted Fjallraven tents to be waterproof and robust as well as breathable and made of lightweight materials. He achieved this by producing an outer tent made of a lightweight weatherproof polyester shell and an inner tent made from breathable polyamide. He then designed the first synthetic tent and the popular range of Fjallraven Abisko tents.  

G1000® speeds up the success story of Fjallraven Outdoor equipment

Nordin had further ideas and started working on the development of a range of Fjallraven trekking and outdoor clothing that soon became very successful. He wanted Fjallraven trousers and jackets to be hardwearing, water-resistant and breathable. He achieved this by using old tent fabrics as the base material for trousers and experimenting with different waxes to be used as a coating. The result of this unconventional experiment were Fjallraven outdoor and trekking pants that were extremely durable and robust - and even waterproof. Fjallraven G1000® trousers and jackets were even mosquito-proof and UV resistant. The functionality of the Fjallraven G1000® material was based on the use of durable materials in conjunction with a special wax with waterproofing qualities. This led to the development of the sought-after Fjallraven G1000® Karl Pants, Keb Trousers, Barents Pro, Nils, Vidda und Greenland Trousers.

Fjallraven athletes promote popular products of the Swedish outdoor brand

The first Fjallraven Ambassador was the Swedish Greenland explorer Hasse Hellstrom who organised an expedition of Greenland in 1966. Before his departure, he requested special expedition equipment from Nordin, such as Fjallraven tens, rucksacks and robust clothing for polar and expedition use. After his successful expedition, he labelled Fjallraven equipment as "very good". Based on the Greenland expedition, the Fjallraven Greenland Jacket was developed in 1968. Again, the