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Founded in Portland, Oregon, USA, the Columbia Sportswear Company has been producing outdoor gear and clothing for over 70 years to enjoy outdoor living. The Columbia outdoor products have their origins in a region of the American Northwest that is characterized by volcanic mountains, a rough coast and majestic forests. There, the global operating family business founded by German immigrants produces straight-line, functional clothing and shoes to keep you warm, dry, chilled and protected in any weather, no matter where your trips and adventures take you. Columbia is a team of people who share their passion for nature and outdoor sports with their customers.

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Columbia Sportswear - a family business from Oregon, USA

In 1938 the German immigrant Paul Lamfrom bought a hat company in Portland, Oregon, USA and named it "Columbia Hat Company". Due to difficulties with suppliers the company started producing their own line of clothing. The first items the Columbia Hat Company manufactured were waterproof jackets and vests for fishermen and hunters. Soon after the company renamed itself into "Columbia Sportswear Company” and focused on functional clothing for all kinds of outdoor activities. Today Columbia Sportswear is a major player in the outdoor business. It is still family owned, its current CEO Tim Boyle being the grandson of the founder. Their motto "trying stuff" fits perfectly to their humble beginnings and is still alive today in the company’s spirit.

Functional fabrics by Columbia Sportswear

The Columbia Sportswear Company has developed numerous innovative materials that transform outdoor clothing into genuine high-tech products. In addition to classic wind- and waterproof functional fabrics the company developed some unique materials that keep its wearer cool, warm or even repel insects. 

The “Omi-Freeze Zero” material for example uses the sweat to lower the temperature of the garment and thus speeds up the body's cooling process. Small rings that are printed onto the fabric react with body sweat and induce an instant cooling effect on the skin surface. 

The “Omni-Heat-Reflective” technology by Columbia Sportswear is able to reflect body heat and to keep its wearer warm. Small silver dots are printed on the inside of the material and reflect body heat while the material is still breathable and durable. With a jacket that is equipped with Omni-Heat-Reflective-Technology its wearer does not need bulky layers of clothing and is able to save weight.  

"Omni-Wick EVAP" is a powerful wicking fabric by Columbia Sportswear Company. A special composite material distributes sweat quickly over a large area so that it can evaporate quickly. The fabric always retains a feels dry which gives the impression that you are not sweating at all.

Insect Blocker is another innovation in the field of functional fabrics for Columbia Sportswear: The Insect Blocker material provides an effective, long lasting and invisible insect protection embedded directly into clothing. It protects against mosquitoes, flies, ticks, ants, sand fleas and midges.

Columbia Sportswear: Sustainability

The declared aim of Columbia Sportswear is a sustainable, environmentally friendly and fair manufacturing process of their products. The company pays close attention to use no harmful substances in order to protect workers, the environment and consumers. As part of its "Social Responsibility" program Columbia Sportswear regularly checks all production facilities for good working conditions and is actively combating forced labor, child labor, low wages or health risks.

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