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Do not let the weather tell you what you have to do! However, it is only possible with the perfect outdoor clothing for the right outdoor activity. In this respect, it is not always easy to find the right outdoor jacket or outdoor pants in the jungle of functional materials. We will help you! We offer you a huge selection of outdoor clothing for a good price and with the help of our many filter options, you will find exactly what you need for your next outdoor adventure.

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Outdoor clothing at eXXpozed

Outdoor clothing for various outdoor activities

There is function clothing adapted for each outdoor activity, which exactly meets the requirements of this sport. A biking jacket present other features as a hiking jacket. A jacket for extreme mountaineering is fundamentally different from an urban outdoor jacket, etc. Looking for the perfect outdoor jacket, you should already know what you need it for. The filter options of our outdoor-online shop allows you to only see the clothing items that perfectly match to the requested activity. Be it for mountaineering and trekking, climbing and bouldering or ski touring, you can filter the whole outdoor-range of eXXpozed according to the type of sport and you don’t have to waste your time searching a product list several pages long for the right clothing item.

Outdoor clothing for the summer

Of course, outdoor clothing must have completely other features in summer than they must have in winter. Being outside in high temperatures and high sunlight is more enjoyable with the right summer outdoor clothing. The most important features are breathability and moisture transport. When you are doing sport outside, you are happy at the first place to have a breathable t-shirt allowing to the air flow around the body and minimizing the sweating. However, you will always get to sweat and to that point it is really worthwhile to wear a functional fiber with moisture transport. It helps wick away moisture and keeps your body dry. T-shirts and pants in such a material are nice to wear even with extreme sweating because the skin still feels dry.

Are you looking for something? In our online shop, you can use filters to only view this kind of clothing: just select the filter breathable or moisture wicking under “material characteristics” in the left-hand column.

Another useful feature for the summer clothing is UV-protection. A textile with integrated UV-protection, generally 50+, offers a more reliable protection from the direct sunlight than a common shirt does. You will also find clothing featuring additional UV-protection in our online shop in the filter options in the left-hand column.

The sunhat is an indispensable accessory in the summer. Without a hat, you risk strong sunburn or even sunstroke. Just have a look at the category “Hats” to find the appropriate sunhat.

Winter outdoor clothing

In winter, function clothing must protect from cold and moisture. The colder it is outside, the more essential it is to have clothing with good thermal performance. Depending on clothing types and styles, there are different aspects to consider. Softshell material for example protects from cold with a thick outer layer, often windproof and water repellent but without a thick lining to keep warm in the winter temperatures. It means that, if you don’t want to freeze in winter, you should combine a softshell jacket with a warm fleece or wool jacket providing an additional thermal protection. The so-called 3-in-1 jackets already features this thermal protection with the integrated inner jacket. As an outer layer, a waterproof or water repellent jacket also provides protection from wind and weather. That way, you will have a complete winter jacket. Natural or synthetic down jackets are ideal for even more thermal performance in winter and extreme uses. They offer the best thermal performance and are virtually light as a feather. The synthetic down has the advantage that it is easier to care for and still keeps warm even if wet. Down still offers the best warmth-to-weight performance.

In the area of winter sport clothing, you will have to distinguish between skiwear, snowboard clothing, apparels for back country skiing and normal winter hiking or snow shoeing. Why such a precise distinction? Of course, you can also snowboard or take a winter walk with you ski pants. However, there are differences in the material, cut and workmanship optimizing the apparels for each specific use. Snowboard pants are for example more robust than ski pants, for the only reason that snowboarders are more in contact with snow than skiers. Back country ski pants differ even more from a regular ski pants: they are a kind of thinner because the