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Since its founding in 1989, Arc'teryx has been (ad)dressing like-minded spirits – literally and figuratively. The outdoor brand from North Vancouver, British Columbia, has set the goal of developing outdoor equipment that allows mountaineers, skiers and climbers to perform fully in their activities and actions without having to think about their equipment and material. As Arc'teryx has the highest demands for functional and innovative design, craftsmanship and functionality, the Canadians are constantly working on the simplest and most clever solutions for the most complex product requirements. The own philosophy of an unprecedented performance is reflected in the intuitive design, in the minimalism and in technically high-quality and well-developed clothing and equipment.

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The name Arc’teryx was derived from Archaeopteryx Lithographica

The Canadian company Arc’teryx was founded in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, in 1989. The company name was derived from Archaeopteryx Lithographica. The Archaeopteryx Lithographica was the first reptile to move from the ground into the air by developing wings and feathers to fly with. This comparison or metaphor represents Arc’teryx goal to free themselves from the shackles of a horizontal world and to take an extra step forwards.

Arc’teryx’ success story began with a climbing harness

The success story of the Canadian outdoor company began with the development of a carrying cushion for a mountain bike. Mike Blenkarn, the inventor of the “shoulder yoke”, thermally fused the supporting materials, cover fabric and cushion foam to develop a clever three-dimensional product. This technology was then used for the development of climbing harnesses. The result were Arc’teryx harnesses which were much lighter and more comfortable than any other harness on the market. Nowadays Arc’teryx harnesses are among the most innovative hip harnesses in the alpine mountain sports industry.

Arc’teryx clothing scores with quality and design

The Canadian outdoor brand from Vancouver aims to design the most durable, robust and lightweight technical outdoor clothing for alpine and mountain sports. The sophisticated technical detail of the Arc’teryx clothing range are especially designed for outdoor activities, such as hiking, trekking, trail running, climbing, bouldering, mountaineering, skiing and ski tours, snowboarding, ice climbing and freeriding. Arc’teryx also place great emphasis on environmentally friendly and ethical production methods in their own factories.

Arc’teryx establishes close cooperation with Gore-Tex and Polartec

An Arc’teryx outdoor jacket is only as good as its components. Therefore, the Canadian manufacturer of mountain sports equipment from Vancouver is working closely with W. L. Gore and Polartec in the development of waterproof and durable hardshell clothing. Only the most advanced technologies, proven to be effective, are being used in the development and production of Arc’teryx clothing. Thus, Arc’teryx clothing satisfies the uncompromising demands of ambitious alpine mountaineers and climbers, as well as those of active summer and winter sports enthusiasts. The components of Arc’teryx hardshell clothing are therefore exceptionally robust and durable, yet remarkably lightweight and completely waterproof, windproof and highly breathable when combined with a Gore-Tex or Windstopper membrane.

What Arc’teryx quality stands for

Arc’teryx, the Canadian manufacturer of mountain sports equipment, is committed to creating outstanding products for various outdoor sports by combining design, material and workmanship in the best possible way. Arc’teryx has developed and patented many new, high-performance materials. The Canadian supplier of alpine equipment therefore stands for highest quality, unique design and technical sophistication and only uses the best available high quality materials in the manufacturing process. Furthermore, Arc’teryx has its own manufacturing plants and can thus control its own production process. In addition, Arc’teryx, the Canadian mountain sports supplier, attaches great importance to environmental protection and social responsibility.

Arc’teryx wins numerous outdoor awards

Arc’teryx became known worldwide through its high quality mountaineering and climbing equipment, quality clothing for skiing and snowboarding, backpacks and hiking gear. In addition, the Canadian outdoor manufacturer develops equipment and clothing specifically for military purposes. The Arc’teryx Veilance Collection, comprising modern, elegant and high-quality business attire, will please even the elegant businessman. Over the years, the company has received various awards, prizes and outdoor publications as a sign of appreciation for their work and creativity.

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